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Henry Woolway’s wide ranging body of work is a candid look at his relationship with life experiences, both recent and from his childhood growing up in Cornwall, England. Woolway takes aesthetic inspiration from both Scandinavian and European design and culture, as well as Early mid-century modern design. This, tied in with simplistic and rudimental techniques, gives the air of form over function or, indeed, a linear meaning to his work.


Woolway’s oeuvre encompasses paintings, wall hangings, sculptural pieces and works on paper. The physical elements of his more recent works include meticulously torn, cut and frayed canvas which demonstrates a desire to break from the norm, whilst the structure in his pieces shows a willingness to conform. This juxtaposition forms the basis of his work and is a consistent theme running through all of his series thus far.


Henry’s work continues exploring the themes he has always confronted. The idea of process and calmness shows through. Colours are substituted by textures, layering, paint effects and allowed space. This abstinence grants the capacity for people to breath with and consider his work. Henry has partnered with Saatchi Gallery, contemporary interior design house Gabriel Scott and galleries and auction houses in both London and Manchester, with private clients and collectors across the world

Photo of Henry Woolway with 'Perspectives' (2020)
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